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Tips for Completing Forms

Last modified on November 23, 2019

Failure to follow these instructions will lead to registration delays.

In addition to the information in the Land Title Forms Guidebook (Green Book), the following land title form completion tips will assist with the timely registration of land title applications.

Each fillable red box on a land title form has a specific field name description that appears when a mouse hovers over. These are referenced below.

All Forms

After you complete a form, it is recommended that you save two copies, one electronically signed and one unsigned (e.g. SMITHMORTGAGE.PDF and SMITHMORTGAGE_UNSIGNED.PDF), in case you need to revise and re-execute the form.  Forms cannot be amended once they are electronically signed.

Use semi-colons for non-corporate owners. A semi-colon is required at the end of the given names and after the last name, and before the occupation, for all non-corporate owners shown as Transferee(s), Lender(s), and Borrower(s). Semi-colons are not required in the Transferor(s) section of Form A.

Avoid using a schedule if not required, for example, a schedule must not be used when there are two owners with equal interest with the same address, or only one owner

In the Execution(s) section, enter professional capacity in the Professional Capacity field, not in the Name of Witnessing Officer field above. Do not enter additional information in the Professional Capacity field such as address information or firm name.

Form A - Freehold Transfer

Item 2a: If transferring less than the entire interest in land, the undivided interest being transferred must be entered in the Define Undivided Interest field above the Legal Description field

Form B - Mortgage

Item 4: Enter the lender name only in the Lender(s) (Mortgagee(s)) field. Additional information, for example, inserting "Chartered Bank under the Canada Bank Act", or "In Trust, see ABCDEF" is not to be entered in the Lender(s) (Mortgagee(s)) field. This information may be entered in the Additional Information field below the Lender(s) (Mortgagee(s)) field and may flow into the Street Address field.

Item 4: Enter the incorporation number in the Incorporation Number field that appears after typing the corporation name; do not insert the number beside the corporation name

Only current versions of published electronic land title forms are acceptable, and all previous versions have been retired by the Director of Land Titles. Out-date electronic land title forms may not be accepted for electronic submission.