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Here are some suggestions for entering data in electronic forms:

  • Turn on field highlighting to make it easier to see the data-entry field on the forms. From the Acrobat menu bar, select Edit > Preferences > Forms. For Highlight Color, check Show border hover color. Optionally, select a background color in the Fields Highlight Color. Select a Required Fields Highlight Color which outlines each of the fields. The field highlighting will not display on the printed form.
  • Press Tab after making each data entry. The form will only Tab to valid fields, skipping fields that are not required based on the information you have already entered. The form will also perform any necessary validation or other operation.
  • If a field accepts several lines of text, press ENTER to start a new line. Do not use ENTER after completing a field, as it does not consistently advance you to the next valid field.
  • Do not use SHIFT+Tab to go backwards, as this combination does not perform consistently on electronic forms.
  • Backtrack with the cursor. Enter information in the order requested by the form. If you need to backtrack to a field, reposition the cursor using the mouse.
  • Use flyovers for online help. For help on a field, hover the cursor over the field for a moment and a short description of the field will pop up.
  • Use a schedule (Form E) for additional space. Many fields or groups of fields have an associated Use Schedule button. Clicking this button appends a copy of Form E (Schedule) to the form to provide extra space for your data. The phrase "SEE SCHEDULE" should be entered in the original field (Acrobat usually does this for you). For more details, see the Land Title Electronic Forms Guidebook (the "Green Book").
  • Express Terms can be created using a word processor and then converted or scanned to Adobe format and attached to the form template using the Acrobat Insert from File command. For detailed instructions on inserting pages. SeeĀ Insert Pages in a Form.
  • When completing the Applicant section, use the flyover feature to ensure the fields are completed correctly. As the address information for a State of Title Certificate request is picked up from this field, entering address information in incorrect fields may result in the request being undeliverable by the post office.