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Apply an Electronic Signature

Last modified on November 22, 2019

To apply your digital signature to an electronic form:

Review the completed electronic form to ensure that it is correctly filled out

Save a copy of the completed, unsigned form

Double-click the empty electronic signature box at the top/bottom of the form to be signed

Digital Signature Box

In the Sign Document Digital ID box, enter your digital certificate password, and if not already selected, select the appropriate appearance profile (e.g., "For EFS Signing") from the pull-down selection list (SeeĀ Set Electronic Signature Appearance Options). Click Sign. The document is now electronically signed.

Sign Document

In the Save As dialog box, you can optionally select a different destination folder and specify a new filename for the signed form file

Save As dialog box

A good convention is to just add the suffix "signed" to the filename

Click Save to sign and save the form file. Your electronic signature is applied to the file and a notation inserted into the electronic form.

The Acrobat feature "Undo or Clear Signature" is not supported by EFS. Any attempt to undo or clear a digital signature will remove all data and cause the electronic form to be rejected in EFS. It is recommend that you save a draft version of the filled-in document before you sign and save it, in case you need to amend the document.