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ParcelMap BC

ParcelMap BC brings land information to life in a visual way. It provides economic and social benefits to British Columbians by supporting faster and more accurate real property transactions.

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ParcelMap BC Search Services

myLTSA customers can search ParcelMap BC, British Columbia’s first and only electronic map of all active titled parcels and surveyed provincial Crown land parcels in BC.

ParcelMap BC Data Products and Descriptions

The ParcelMap BC fabric can be downloaded as four ParcelMap BC Data products: Fabric Extract Product, Real-World Changes Product, Fabric Spatial Improvements Product and Province-Wide Snapshot Prod

Adoption Resources and Tools

Supporting organizations in their transition and ongoing use of ParcelMap BC, Adoption Resources and Tools address key needs and workflows in efficiently realizing the benefits of ParcelMap BC. The Adoption Working Group is a key forum for realizing tools and resources to support the community in the adoption of ParcelMap BC.

Using the Spatial Improvement Assessment App

To improve parcel fabric quality and integrity, spatial improvements are used to update both the relative and absolute positioning of survey parcels and to improve the accuracy of the parcel representations shown in ParcelMap BC.