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Many land title electronic forms have a Lock button at the top of the first page which "freezes" most of the data-entry fields on the form and inserts a unique identifying number.

The aim of this feature is to help you track changes when unsigned forms are exchanged with other firms. The unique identifier ensures that changes to critical data can be tracked and different versions of a form are not confused.

Locking a form is not the same as applying an electronic signature. The Lock feature is an audit feature used while the form is in the process of being prepared.

Locking Forms

Click the yellow Lock button to lock most of the data-entry fields on the form. A unique identifying number is inserted next to the button.

Locking does not prevent pages from being added to or deleted from the document, e.g. insertion of Part 2 express terms that were created using a word processor.

On most forms, the fields that do not lock include:

  • the Applicant section (mostly contact information)
  • Execution section (i.e., the date fields by the spaces for written signatures)
  • Pick up STC? checkbox on the Parcel Identifiers and Legal Descriptions section

Unlocking Forms

Click the Unlock button on a locked form to unlock the frozen data and remove the unique identifier.