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Edit Users

Last modified on May 04, 2016

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User Administration

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To update a user's information and/or permissions:

From Account Management, click the Users tab

To search for a user:

  • Enter the user's name, department/business unit, permission, deposit account, status, last logged in date in one the appropriate fields and click Search


  • Manually scroll through the list. To change the sort order of a list, click a column heading. Click the currently selected column (as indicated by a ∧ or ∨ icon) to reverse the sort order. Click a different column to make that column the current sort key.

Click the user's name in the Name column

Modify the information in the fields on the page as necessary. All of the information can be modified except the user's myLTSA Enterprise username.

You can change the user's status to:

  • Active: This is the normal status of the user, and the status after a user has logged in for the first time
  • Inactive: This status temporarily prohibits the user from logging in to myLTSA Enterprise until their status is returned to Active. Inactive users continue to show up in the list of users.
  • Deleted: Changing a user to a deleted status permanently removes the user from your myLTSA Enterprise customer account. Once they have been deleted there is no way to restore their ability to log in. Users can only be deleted if they have no in-progress transactions associated with their user account.

Search and Filing Users with in-progress transactions can be made Inactive until all of their transactions have been completed at which time their status could be changed to Deleted.

Modify the user's permissions, as necessary, which can be any or all of the following:

  • Search and Filing User: Can search land records, and, if applicable, electronically file applications
    • If desired, check or uncheck the checkbox to enable or disable the user to view the deposit account's available balance and request funds transfers from a Financial Administrator. See: What happens if I assign a Search and Filing User the ability to view their deposit account balance?
    • Select or change the deposit account the user's transactions will be billed to. If there is only one deposit account it will default to that deposit account; if your customer account has more than one deposit account, a drop-down menu will be displayed.

If you reassign a user to a new deposit account, your user will not be able to access packages and orders created when they were assigned to their prior billing account. Changing a user's deposit account assignment for billing will restrict the user from any transactions they did when assigned to the other billing account. It is recommended that you create a new user account to avoid restricting the user from past transactions unless that is the desired outcome.

  • User Administrator: Can add other users, update their information and/or permissions, update organization details, be assigned as the primary contact for your customer account and view the deposit account list page
  • Financial Administrator: Can add and manage deposit accounts, generate account statements, authorize Search and Filing Users to view their deposit account's available balance and view user list page
    • If you wish to have this person transfer funds, you will need to choose which deposit accounts this Financial Administrator will administrate

Click Update User to complete

The Update User button will not enable unless a change has been made to the page.

A confirmation message will be displayed on the next page. If you changed the user's permissions they will be sent an email message summarizing the change. All other changes will need to be communicated to the user by you.

The user will need to log out and log back in to myLTSA Enterprise for any changes to their permissions to take effect.

To cancel the changes and return to the previous page, click Cancel and Return to Users List