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Should I change the deposit account a Search and Filing User is assigned to?

Last modified on May 04, 2016

myLTSA Enterprise deposit accounts have similar characteristics to separate BC OnLine customer accounts while allowing a single point for administrative control.

Deposit account assignment groups Search and Filing Users as if the users were in separate customer accounts, and tracks search and filing activities and related billing for convenience. As such, transactions are permanently assigned to that deposit account for billing and will not move with the user if they are assigned to a different deposit account for billing.

If you decide to change the deposit account assignment of a Search and Filing User, they will not be able to access packages and orders created when they were assigned to the prior deposit account. They will be restricted from accessing any transactions, orders and packages conducted using their prior deposit account for billing.

If you have a Search and Filing User who needs to transact to more than one deposit account, it is recommended that you create another user account for that person.

If you inadvertently made this change, you can revert the change by reassigning the Search and Filing User to their original deposit account.