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What are the various user statuses?

Last modified on May 04, 2016

myLTSA Enterprise users may be assigned different statuses. Changing a user's status is a role assigned to the myLTSA User Administrator.

The user statuses are:

  • Created: The status of users when first added. The user will retain this status until they login for the first time.
  • Active: This is the normal status of a user, and the status after a user has logged in for the first time
  • Inactive: Setting a user to Inactive blocks the user from logging into the system. Inactive users continue to show up in the list of users, and it is possible to change the status of an Inactive user back to Active and thus restore their ability to log in.
  • Deleted: Setting a user to Deleted blocks the user from logging in, and removes them from the list of users. Once they have been deleted there is no way to restore their ability to log in. Users can only be deleted if they have no in-progress transactions associated with their user account.