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What happens if I assign a Search and Filing User the ability to view their deposit account balance?

Last modified on May 04, 2016

When you or your User Administrator is creating a Search and Filing User, that user can be provided with the permission to "View deposit account balance, and if low, request that the Financial Administrator initiate a funds transfer".

Providing this permission to a Search and Filing User will display information about the deposit account they are assigned to and its available balance. It also provides the ability for that user to quickly request a funds transfer in the event one is required.

The following information appears above the blue navigation bar in the LTSA's Electronic Services:

  • Available Balance of the Search and Filing User's deposit account: The balance is dynamically updated as all of the Search and Filing Users assigned to that deposit account transact. It will display a warning icon when the balance has fallen below the low balance threshold.
  • Request Funds Transfer link: This allows Search and Filing Users to request a funds transfer from the Financial Administrator(s) who manage the deposit account. When the link is clicked, a dialogue box is displayed asking for an amount and comment. Once the request is confirmed, an email is sent to the Financial Administrators assigned to manage the deposit account. They can approve or deny that request for funds.

This permission is optional and can be assigned to Search and Filing Users as appropriate. If the permission is not selected, then the above information is not displayed to user.