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Locate and navigate to your web filing package, click the File Reference

On the Package page click on the Form Name

The Edit Application page appears with the default view set to the Applicant section. Click on any link on the side panel navigation to edit that section of the web form

Editing web forms previously E-signed will invalidate the electronic signature and require to be E-signed again

Click Save Progress to retain your completion status if you decide to leave at any stage of editing the web filing form. Clicking Continue will automatically save all data and move you on to the next section

On the particular section of the web filing form edit the necessary fields, then click Save Progress. Navigate to the other sections using the side panel navigation if further editing is required

On completion of editing, visual confirmation can be made at the Web Filing Form section to verify changes

If editing another web filing form within the same package, click the Go to Application drop down menu to select another form