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Adoption Resources and Tools

Last modified on January 12, 2022

LTSA and ICI Society offer a number of resources and tools to allow organizations to adopt ParcelMap BC fabric as their base cadastre for operations. The following are the resources currently available.

Spatial Alignment Resources:

The geometric alignment of your spatial data with ParcelMap BC can be assessed and managed using the Spatial Alignment Resources summarized below. More information on these resources can be found at the Spatial Alignment Resources page.

Data Alignment Workflow Package

The Data Alignment Workflow Package (DAWp) is a collection of ArcGIS Desktop based workflows, available for ParcelMap BC users to assist with initial and ongoing alignment of data sets. The DAWp was developed in conjunction with Esri Canada.

Cadastral Ties for Spatial Improvement

ParcelMap BC generally relies on new survey data including ties to known control provided in survey plan datasets to improve the spatial accuracy of the mapped representation. To provide additional inputs for spatial improvements, the ParcelMap BC Operations Team has defined submission guidelines for organizations to submit cadastral ties captured outside legal survey plans.

Third Party Datasets

Third party datasets that are aligned to ParcelMap BC to better support user workflows; Agricultural Land Commission boundaries and BC Assessment fabric.

Information Model Alignment Resources:

ParcelMap BC Data Products and Descriptions

Learn about the complete ParcelMap BC information model and related services as the reference for aligning information models with your existing parcel data through resources available here.

X-Ray ArcGIS Catalog Add-In

The X-Ray for ArcCatalog add-in is a tool for ArcGIS Desktop users to capture a snapshot of how your cadastral data is currently structured.

Please refer to the X-Ray add-in tool guide for more instructions on using a File GDB source in generating the following outputs:

  • Data Dictionary
  • Domains
  • Fields
  • Feature classes

An alternative approach to generating a database schema is to export a geodatabase schema to an XML workspace document.

Land Records Linking with ParcelMap BC

The Land Records subgroup of the ParcelMap BC Adoption Working Group has developed a sample script to allow linking of the Tempest Land Legal tables to the ParcelMap BC polygons. The script is available via the ICI Society Member Forum (access requires ICI Society credentials).

Land Records Integration with ParcelMap BC Virtual Workshop Video - May 19th, 2021

ParcelMap BC Land Records Integration Workshop 2021-05-19


(Length 1hr:57min): The workshop covered the various approaches used by ParcelMap BC users to connect to their land records information systems. Topics included:

  • BC Assessment Fabric Data Model vs ParcelMap BC: Which should I use and when? - BC Assessment
  • Integrating ParcelMap BC with Tempest with scripts and databases - District of Sooke
  • Integrating ParcelMap BC with Land Records through Esri Web Apps - Harterra Spatial Solutions
  • Integrating ParcelMap BC with iCity/Vadim - City of Rossland
  • Overview of the Land Records Resources and the ICI Society’s Collaboration Portal - ICI Society
  • Land Records Integration & Transition Planning - LTSA/Spatial Vision Group

A PDF version of the PowerPoint Presentation is available.

Transition Planning Resources:

Planning your Transition to ParcelMap BC: Virtual Cafe Video – October 20th, 2021

PMBC Transition Planning Virtual Cafe Workshop 2021-10-20


(Length 2hr:02 min): This workshop provided a Transition Planning framework for organizations planning to transition to ParcelMap BC Adoption including a detailed overview of the resources and tools available to support the transition process.

Topics included:

  • Transition Planning – Why is it important?
  • Transition Work Breakdown Structure Overview
  • Phase 1 – Planning (Situation Assessment, Approvals/Sponsorship and Detailed Project Planning)
  • Phase 2 – Execution (Data Realignment, Parcel Fabric Update, Land Records Integrations, Asset Management and Work Order Integrations)
  • Other Transition Planning Considerations
  • Adoption Resources Summary

A PDF version of the PowerPoint Presentation is available.

ParcelMap BC Adoption Transition Project Management Guide

This guide provides a scalable framework for developing a project plan to transition to ParcelMap BC in an organization.

ParcelMap BC Transition Planning Situation Assessment Template

This worksheet is a template for gathering current situation assessment components that can be used as inputs to facilitate the development of a transition plan for an organization.

The situation assessment worksheets are designed to capture:

  • The fundamental approach an organization uses to manage their parcel fabric
  • How the content of their in-house parcel fabric compares with the ParcelMap BC data content,
  • The various data, workflow and business system integration dependencies that need to be supported,
  • External program dependencies which could influence the adoption of ParcelMap BC.

ParcelMap BC Transition Planning Executive Summary PowerPoint Deck

This slide deck is a template to help communicate objectives, scope, benefits and schedule to inform/obtain approval from the budget and resource managers in an organization.

ParcelMap BC Adoption Transition Planning – A Case Study on the Large Municipality Focus Group

This case study outlines the workflows and processes used by five large municipalities in conducting a Situational Assessment of their existing cadastre and related business system integrations (Taxation, Permitting and Asset Management). The case study covers documenting the parcel fabric maintenance, the parcel fabric fundaments (systems, datasets and workflows), benefits/opportunities of adoption and a discussion on adoption pathways.

Collaboration Resources:

Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICI Society) Forum

The ICI Society Member Forum is a collaborative portal allowing all Society members to share resources (scripts, knowledge etc.) in regards to ParcelMap BC Adoption. Access requires ICI Society credentials.

ParcelMap BC Adoption Working Group

The ParcelMap BC Adoption Working Group meets monthly meeting forum representing a broad swath of stakeholders in BC’s cadastral mapping community with the purpose of addressing issues related to the adoption of ParcelMap BC.

Implementation Partners:

For ParcelMap BC adopters requiring additional support, implementation partners are independent commercial service providers who can assist organisations with initial ParcelMap BC adoption and ongoing integration with other key operational data sets. The below organisations are recognised by LTSA as ParcelMap BC Implementation Partners.

For more information on adopting ParcelMap BC or becoming an implementation partner, contact

Other Resources

ParcelMap BC Deep Dive Workshop (ICI Society Virtual Cafe)

ParcelMap BC Deep Dive Workshop (ICI Society Virtual Cafe)

A Deep Dive into ParcelMap BC virtual community workshop was held on February 24th, 2021 presented by the ParcelMap BC Operations team. Topics included:

  • ParcelMap BC Community Overview
  • Maintaining Currency & Quality of ParcelMap BC
  • Understanding ParcelMap BC Spatial Improvements
  • Finding Information You Need in ParcelMap BC
  • Getting help with ParcelMap BC


Making the Most of Survey Parcel Data: Best Practices Workshop Video – November 17th, 2021

A virtual workshop organised by the ParcelMap BC Adoption Working Group was held on November 17th, 2021.

Survey Parcel Data: Best Practices Workshop Video – November 17th, 2021

(Length 2hr:20 min): The purpose of the workshop was to increase awareness and literacy around the benefits and opportunities associated with various use cases for ParcelMap BC and other complementary data sets and "leading practices" among survey / parcel data consumers.

Contributors to the workshop content included Esri Canada, Harterra Spatial Solutions and Polaris Land Surveying.

Topics included:

  • Theme 1: Parcel Data Fundamentals

    • Topic A: The Basics (Parcel Data Basics) – LTSA
    • Topic B: ParcelMap BC Overview & Advantages - LTSA
    • Case Study: Outcomes & Benefits of ParcelMap BC Adoption at BC Assessment – BC Assessment
  • Theme 2: Making Use of Parcel Data – Day to Day Use Cases

    • Topic A: Parcel Data Access / Usage Patterns – Esri Canada
    • Topic B: Issues Associated with Effective / Appropriate Use – Polaris Land Surveying Inc.
    • Case Study: Real World Examples & Lessons Learned – Polaris Land Surveying Inc.
  • Theme 3: Drawing on the Same Canvas – Aligned Data Sources & Use Cases

    • Topic A: Emerging Trends & Leading Practices – Harterra Spatial Solutions
    • Topic B: Challenges & Opportunities – Esri Canada
    • Case Study: Building a Common Canvas - Harterra Spatial Solutions
  • Open Moderator-led Discussion & Take-aways

A PDF version of the PowerPoint Presentation is available.


Utilities Sector Focus Group Workshop Video - December 15th, 2021

A virtual workshop organised by the ParcelMap BC Adoption Working Group was held on December 15th, 2021.

Utilities Sector Focus Group Workshop Video - December 15th, 2021

(Length 1hr:58 min): This workshop was structured as a discovery exercise into the various areas where property and parcel information are used across the Utilities sector in British Columbia. The purpose of the workshop was to engage participants to understand primary property workflow facts in their organization, explore existing key pain points, gather insight where ParcelMap BC and other property information services can help rights of way & large property interest holders – and probe for areas where new or improved services would be of benefit. Contributors to the workshop content included Spatial Vision Group, Harterra Spatial Solutions, ICI Society and the LTSA.

Topics included:

  • Prior Discovery Work in Utilities Sector – 2019 360 Lab Sessions – Steve Mark, ICI Society
  • Introduction to ParcelMap BC & Utility Focused Considerations - Brian Greening, LTSA
  • Discovery Exercise 1: Business Areas & Users - Bill Johnstone, LTSA/Spatial Vision Group
  • Departments (Who), Workflows (What) and Systems & Tools (How) – Jason Hart, Harterra Spatial Solutions
  • Discovery Exercise 2: Data - Bill Johnstone, LTSA/Spatial Vision Group
  • Spatial, Attributes and Integrations - Jason Hart, Harterra Spatial Solutions
  • Organizational & Program Dependencies - John Samulski, LTSA/Spatial Vision Group
    • Key drivers for adopting ParcelMap BC
    • Primary challenges in transitioning to ParcelMap BC
    • Dependencies with internal Business Areas
    • Dependencies with partner / external organisations

A PDF version of the PowerPoint Presentation is available.