A variety of resources and tools are available to support the adoption and ongoing operational use of ParcelMap BC.

Data Alignment Workflow Package

The Data Alignment Workflow Package (DAWp) is a collection of ArcGIS Desktop based workflows, available for ParcelMap BC users to assist with initial and ongoing alignment of data sets. The DAWp was developed in conjunction with Esri Canada. Tutorial Videos for the DAWp are available to help guide implementation.

  • Data Alignment Workflow package (DAWp) - Access requires ICI Society credentials
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Tips and Tricks for using the DAWp

    Includes questions initially raised by users during the Data Alignment Workflow Package (DAWp) Pre-Release Feedback Web Session on April 29th, 2020. The responses were provided by Sarah Sibbett (Senior Consultant – Esri Canada) and compiled into these guidelines for use by the broader ParcelMap BC adopter community. This document may be revised from time to time as new guidelines are added based on feedback from the community.

Third-Party Datasets

The following datasets are aligned to ParcelMap BC to better support user workflows:




Update Frequency

Agricultural Land Reserve

Agricultural Land Commission

The spatial representation for the boundary of an Agricultural Land Reserve, which is a parcel of land maintained for agricultural use.

Quarterly -

end of: Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct.

BC Assessment Fabric

BC Assessment

An ownership-based spatial representation of the assessment roll in British Columbia.Different from a legal fabric, there may be many legal lots (as represented in ParcelMap BC) in one assessment parcel. Dataset access requires ICI Society credentials.

Weekly (On Sunday)

Implementation Partners

For adopters requiring additional support, implementation partners are independent commercial service providers who can assist organisations with initial ParcelMap BC adoption and ongoing integration with other key operational data sets. The below organisations are recognised by LTSA as ParcelMap BC Implementation Partners.

For more information on adopting ParcelMap BC or becoming an implementation partner, contact ParcelMapBC@ltsa.ca.