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ParcelMap BC Data Products and Descriptions

The ParcelMap BC fabric can be downloaded as four ParcelMap BC Data products: Fabric Extract Product, Real-World Changes Product, Fabric Spatial Improvements Product and Province-Wide Snapshot Product. Authorized users can access these products via four channels: Parcel Map Direct Service, Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS) – Geoshare, ParcelMap BC Surveyor Search and Download Service and Open Government licensed view of ParcelMap BC. Included in this section are descriptions of the various Owner Types in ParcelMap BC and how roads are mapped in ParcelMap BC.

Owner Types in ParcelMap BC

The following are descriptions of, and associated use cases for, Owner Types for all parcels captured in ParcelMap BC.

Roads in ParcelMap BC

This section describes how roads are mapped in ParcelMap BC, including historical versus current completeness.

ParcelMap BC Data Products

The Data Products are available via the ParcelMap Direct Service, ICI Society GeoShare, the Parcel Map BC Surveyor Search and Download Service and the Open Government Licensed view of ParcelMap BC.

What are Designations 1, 2 and 3?

The three Designation fields in ParcelMap BC are used to break down / summarize the survey divisions in the legal description of the parcel used to uniquely identify the location of the parcel in the context of the survey system in use.