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ParcelMap BC Search Services

myLTSA customers can search ParcelMap BC, British Columbia’s first and only electronic map of all active titled parcels and surveyed provincial Crown land parcels in BC. ParcelMap BC is a regularly-updated research tool, intended to facilitate searching parcels of land in the province using a representative online map as a precursor to the standard practice of confirmation with authoritative sources and conducting due diligence through a professional consultation.

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ParcelMap BC Search for Enterprise

ParcelMap BC Search for Explorer

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Search Parcels

You may search parcels in ParcelMap BC Search by text input, through defining an area of interest by shape or by clicking on the map.

View Search Results

The Search Results panel allows you to view details, search titles, order plans, zoom to parcels, clear results and navigate to related services for more information.

Adjust Map Layers and Basemaps

You can adjust the basemaps and map layers to view the map based on your preference.

Navigating the Map

You may use the available map and navigation tools in order to find a specific location or select parcels.

Printing the Map

Use the print feature to print what is displayed in the ParcelMap BC parcel fabric.


ParcelMap BC Search services allow you to display data collected by the LTSA over a variety of base maps. It may also use information and services that are collected by other organizations under arrangements that permit its use in the service.