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Information Model Alignment Resources

Last modified on June 22, 2022

Information Model Alignment Resources provide a deep dive into the ParcelMap BC schema, attribution, entity relationships and tools to link ParcelMap BC data with other business systems integration dependencies such as Tempest and other land records.

  • ParcelMap BC Data Products and Descriptions provide detailed information on the schema, attribution and entity relationships between ParcelMap BC data
  • X-Ray ArcGIS Catalog Add-In is an ArcGIS Desktop tool that allows users to capture schema, attribution and data dictionary of their local cadastre data structure. Refer to the X-Ray add-in tool guide (PDF) for instructions on using a File GDB source in generating the following outputs:

    • - Data Dictionary
    • - Domains
    • - Fields
    • - Feature classes

    An alternative approach to generating a database schema is to export a geodatabase schema to an XML workspace document.

  • Land Records Linking with ParcelMap BC is a sample script to allow linking of the Tempest Land Legal tables to the ParcelMap BC polygons. The script is available via the ICI Society Member Forum (access requires ICI Society credentials).

Supplemental Resources: