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To join a Meet:

From any page of the LTSA's Electronic Services, rollover Submissions and click Submission Dashboard or Join Meet

Enter the Package ID, Meet Password and file reference in the appropriate log in fields

Click Join

Join Meet
The file reference associated with the package is displayed in the File Reference field and is unique to each Meet Participant. Click on any of the navigation bar choices, if you do not want to join the Meet.

The Submit Package to the Land Title Office page now appears. Your file reference entry has populated the File Reference field on the Submit Package to the Land Title Office page. You can change the file reference by clicking Change any time until your package is submitted.

The text in the Description field was set by the Meet Originator and is shared by all Meet Participants. It gives the Participants a common way to refer to the package.

You can now add your files to the Meet. See Add Files.

You have now contributed to the Meet and can review any files uploaded by the Originator and any other Contributors other than Property Transfer Tax. The Meet Originator cannot submit the package until you and any other Contributors grant your approval(s).

Click Approve once you have completed your review of all the files and are ready to approve the order of registration

Approve button

You will receive a confirmation message for your approval, the Meet Approvals status will change to Approved and enable the Meet Originator to review the final package, order of registration, and if all is in order submit the entire package for processing.

Confirmation message

Click the View History tab to see all of the events which have occurred by the Meet Originator and other Contributors since the package was created.