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Create and Manage Land Title Office Web Filing Package and Applications

Learn how to use web filing to submit applications in a package to the land title office

Add a Package to the Land Title Office

Learn to add a web filing package and initial web forms

Add a New Form to the Package

Add a web form to an existing package

Create Land Title Form Template

Steps to create web filing form template for use on Land Title forms

Add a New Form using a Template

Add a new web form using a pre-configured or saved web filing template

Copy Form Data | Import Form Data

Steps to either copy form data to create a new form or to import form data to update a draft web form

Edit a Form Within a Package

Edit a web form in an existing package

Application Review

Steps wherein the Requester passes editing / signing permissions to another party from different Deposit Accounts (i.e. not from the same organization, not from the same team or unit within the same organization), and are active myLTSA users

E-sign Web Filing Form

Process to E-sign web forms for Legal Professionals and Legal Support Staff

Web Filing Correction

Correction functionality on submitted web filing applications

Download Forms

Steps to download copies of web forms either by using the Manage Package dropdown or the Download Form button

Delete Package

Steps to delete a web filing package

Delete Forms

Deleting E-signed web filing forms is an option that is no longer available. Only Draft web filing forms can be deleted

Restore Deleted Web Filing Form

Deleted web filing forms can be undeleted if within parameters

Move Forms

Steps to move (a) web form(s) to another web filing package or to another account

Locate a Package

Steps to search and navigate the web filing package

Validate Web Filing Package

Steps to validate a web filing package prior to submission

Receive Forms to Submit | Create Forms to Send Off

Process to submit web filing forms created by another party (i.e. law firm, notary office). And related process to send off forms for submission by another party (i.e. law firm, registry agents)

Recreate Deleted EFS Package

Steps to recreate a deleted EFS package, as long as the web filing package is still existent

Submit Web Form from a Submitted Package

Steps to submit web forms created in previously submitted web filing packages