Describes the relationship between a titled parcel’s PID and the concatenated Jurisdiction and Roll Number (JUROL). Note: The data for this table is provided by BC Assessment and refreshed weekly.

The following table contains the PID to JUROL table attributes and descriptions.

Attribute NameDescription

Is a number assigned to the property for assessment purposes normally printed in the top right corner of an Assessment Notice.

Values: 3-digit numeric code

Notes: The jurisdiction code corresponds to a geographical area in British Columbia used in determining the assessed value of a property. Populated by BC Assessment.


A collection of data that consists of ownership, actual value and other information required for assessment purposes.

Values: Unique 8-digit numeric code

Notes: Also known as Folio.

Populated by BC Assessment.


Unique Parcel Identification Number

Values: 9-digit system-generated

Notes: Values created at the land title register when a parcel is registered.


Concatenated Jurisdiction and Roll Number

Values: Unique 11-digit numeric code

Notes: The Jurol allows the mapping of the Jurisdiction and Roll Number to the associated titled parcels with a PID in the fabric. Populated by LTSA