This table is used to establish the relationship between Bare Land Strata Common Property (or Limited Common Property) and Common Lot parcels with the corresponding titled parcels (parcels with PIDs) that share an interest in the parcel.

The following table contains the Common Ownership table attributes and descriptions.

Attribute Name

DescriptionReal-World Change?

PlanID attribute of the parcel polygon feature representing the common property / common lot.

Values: System-generated

Notes: This id provides the association between records in the Common Ownership Table, Parcel geometry, and the Plan record for the Common Property or Common Lot.


PID used in the Parcel polygon that is related to the Common Property or Common Lot.

Values: 9-digit system-generated

Notes: Created at the land title register  when parcel is registered

This table will feature one record for each PID sharing in the common ownership parcel.