The following table contains mappings of the additional attributes for real–world changes.

File GeodatabaseShapefileCSV
Logical Property NameProperty / Field NameData Type and DomainProperty / Field NameLength (max)Source Property NameNotesLogical Property Name
Nature Of ChangeNatureOfChange

Text 2

Values: A, D, AC

CHANGETYPEText 2NatureOfChange2

Indicated the reason why the plan is in this list.

  • Addition (A) – the parcel has been created in the fabric
  • Deletion (D) – the parcel has been deleted from the fabric
  • Attribute Change (AC) – a parcel attribute has changed
Affected FieldsAffectedFieldsText 254CHANGEFLDSText 254AffectedFields254A concatenated list of the field names affected by an Attribute Change (AC) as identified in the NatureOfChange field.