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Search Titles and Plans

Last modified on March 26, 2021

To search for titles and plans:

From the myLTSA Explorer home page, enter a parcel identifier (PID) or title number in the available field and click Search

Search Titles and Plans 01.png

If there are no matches, an error message will be displayed.

If there are matches, you will see the Order titles, plans and State of Title Certificates page where the available titles, State of Title Certificates and plans are displayed.

  • Each title is displayed on a separate row with its Title Number, Land Title District and Parcel Identifier.
  • Below each title result, a checkbox is available to select the appropriate land title, State of Title Certificate, or the plan for purchase, if available.
Search Titles and Plans 02.png

To order one or more items, select the associated checkboxes.

In most cases, a title number will exist in only one land title district in the province. If your title number occurs in more than one land title district, the Search Results list will show all of them. Select the appropriate title(s) to purchase from the list.

Select either "Show Only Current Charges (no cancelled charges will be displayed on the land title)" or "Show Current and Cancelled Charges". This selection will affect all titles ordered. The default selection will show current charges only.

Once you have made your selection, click Continue to go to the Confirm Your Order page.

Search Titles and Plans 03.png

On the Confirm Your Order page, the details of your order and associated fees are displayed. If you wish to change the items selected for order or charges displayed, click Back. If you wish to cancel your order and start a new search, click Cancel.

If the items listed on the Confirm Your Order page are the ones you wish to purchase, indicate whether you want to have your account billing address and email address used as your payment information. On the Payment page, select or deselect the checkbox under the Payment Info header. The email address will be used to deliver your order. 

When you select the checkbox, your information will populate the related fields on the Payment page.

If you wish to change this information, edits can be made on the Payment page.

If you opt to leave the checkbox deselected, you will need to manually enter your billing address and payment information on the Payment page.

Click Order. You will be directed to the Payment page, hosted by our third-party payment provider, Bambora.

Search Titles and Plans 04b

Refunds are not issued on myLTSA Explorer purchases.

On the Enter Payment Information page, enter, edit or review your billing address information and enter your credit card information. The email address entered on this page will be used to deliver your order. Click Submit Payment once you have verified the information entered is correct.

Search Titles and Plans 05.png

LTSA does not retain your credit card information.

When your order is processed, you will either be directed to the Payment Approved page or the Payment Declined page.

  • If the payment is approved, you will be presented with the Payment Approved page where you will see a summary of the order details, including the Order Number and Bank Authorization Code. If your order shows the Processing status, it may take a few minutes before you can begin to download your order. You may also need to refresh the page to see the latest order status. Your account's available order number will also be adjusted to reflect your purchase on the Order History and Home pages once payment has been approved.
  • If your credit card payment has been declined by the credit card company, you will be taken to the Payment Declined page. A different credit card number is required to process the order. From this page, your options are to return to the Search Result page or go back to home to start a new search.

Your order will appear on your credit card statement with the Transaction Description "LTSA".

Search Titles and Plans 06.png

Your myLTSA Explorer account's available order number will also adjust to reflect your purchase on the Order History and Home pages once payment has been approved.

Search Titles and Plans 07.png

An order confirmation email is delivered to the email address you specified on the Enter Payment Information page. Click the link in the email corresponding to the item to download the order. You will need to be logged in to myLTSA Explorer before you can retrieve the order. You can also download it on the Order History page by clicking the hyperlink corresponding to the title, State of Title Certificate or plan in the Item column. Depending on your browser's settings, you may be asked to open and/or save the attachment once you click the link. 

Search Titles and Plans 08.png

Titles, plans, documents and State of Title Certificates orders are available for download for 7 days from the time of purchase. Please save items to your computer for longer retention. After 7 days, your order will expire, and it will no longer be available for download.