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Roads in ParcelMap BC

Last modified on June 30, 2022

Highways & Roads: What do we mean?


Legally designated a “highway”, “street” or “public road” with ownership/tenure defined by statute.

Legally surveyed with the survey plan filed in the land title register or Crown land registry (except for historical practices).

Current Practice

Almost all legal sources that establish highways and roads used are persisted in records at the LTSA. The ParcelMap BC operations framework captures the spatial extent and basic attribution for surveyed highway and roads in the ParcelMap BC parcel fabric.

Types of Roads, Historical vs. Current Completeness

Road Dedications

  • Primarily, roads are formally dedicated via their depiction as highway, road or lane on a subdivision or reference plan, submitted under s. 107 of the Land Title Act. Pursuant to s. 107, indefeasible titles are not registered for roads dedicated via their depiction on subdivision or reference plans.
  • Similarly, roads are also formally dedicated under s. 115 of the Land Title Act via the submission of a Form 12 (Certificate as to Highway in Statutory Right of Way Plan) and related Statutory Right of Way plan. Pursuant to s. 115, indefeasible titles are not registered for roads dedicated via the submission of a Form 12 and Statutory Right of Way plan.
  • Any new road dedication submitted on a Land Title Act or Land Act Plan is integrated into ParcelMap BC. 
  • The historic representation prior to when ParcelMap BC began operations is likely absent with a few exceptions.

Titled Roads

  • These are roads with an active PID in the LTSA’s land title register. 
  • The following describes three scenarios for roads formally dedicated or established via a filing in the Land Title Office where, unlike ss. 107 and 115, an indefeasible title is registered and endorsed with a reference to the dedication or establishment:
    1. Parcels established as road/lane pursuant to council resolutions under the Vancouver Charter, that are identified via an “Established as Road/Lane, see ___” legal notation endorsement on title.
    2. Parcels transferred to the government for highway purposes pursuant to s. 99(1)(f) of the Land Title Act, that are identified via a legal notation endorsement on title that references s. 99(1)(f).
    3. Parcels under s. 35(11) of the Community Charter, where a title is raised for the road to provide for the registration of an easement related to buildings encroaching onto the road, that are identified via a “For Road Purposes Only” legal notation endorsement on title.
  • Currently integrating these as part of a back capture project as many of them were excluded during the build of ParcelMap BC.
  • Anticipated completion date summer, 2023.

Filings such as municipal bylaws or gazette notices do not formally dedicate titled lands as road, notwithstanding titles may include an endorsement that refers to a municipal bylaw or gazette notice related to road.

Other Roads: Strata Roads, Private Roads, Private Lanes

  • Strata roads defined on a Bareland Strata survey plans will be represented as Common Property in ParcelMap BC. 
  • We do not map Common Property for Building Strata’s.
  • Private roads, driveways, etc., are not mapped in ParcelMap BC.

MoTI Highway Records

  • These are delineated on a Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure Highways (MoTI) Highway Plans or a Highway Plan filed in LTSA’s land title register.
  • ParcelMap BC is working with MoTI to create a spatial inventory of highways under the purview of MoTI and Transportation Act instruments aligned to ParcelMap BC.


For more information on how roads are mapped in ParcelMap BC, please see a past informational webinar on Roads Mapping in ParcelMap BC.