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Set Email Communication Options

Last modified on May 10, 2016

All myLTSA users are prompted to select from the email communication options after logging in for the first time. 

This requires a one-time set up. You can change your preferences at any time.

Email Communication Options

Land Title Matters sent as required includes important legislative, practice and policy matters from the Director of Land Titles of British Columbia:

  • Significant policy and legislative changes affecting requirements for practitioners
  • New practice initiatives

myLTSA System Disruption and System Enhancement Updates sent as required includes:

  • Planned outages and service bulletins, including instructions for alternative search procedures
  • myLTSA enhancements

LTSA E-Newsletter sent monthly includes:

  • Updates on major LTSA land title and survey projects
  • Tips on using myLTSA
  • Links to Business Plan and Annual Report
  • Corporate changes, including a summary of news items published to the LTSA's website
  • Summary of practice and policy changes
  • Occasional requests for feedback

myLTSA users may also automatically receive communications by email about important land title and survey practice and policy changes that directly relate to their profession and/or use of myLTSA.

Change Your Email Communication Options

Click the My Account link on the navigation bar at the top of the page and then click the Set Email Communication Options link

Change one or both of the available email communication options

Click Save to confirm your selection

Set Email Communication Options page

A confirmation message will be displayed on the My Account page

If you wish to leave this page without making any changes or discard your changes, click Cancel to return to My Account. Click the Go to the myLTSA homepage link to return home.

If you do not have a myLTSA account, you can subscribe to receive LTSA's news, myLTSA service updates, and land title practice communications on the LTSA's website.