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Request Account

Last modified on April 16, 2018

To request a myLTSA Explorer account:

Go to the myLTSA login page and click Select myLTSA Service in the box titled "Don't Have a myLTSA Account?"

From the myLTSA account selection page, click Register for myLTSA Explorer

On the Request myLTSA Explorer Account: Account Information page, enter the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Organization Name (optionally)
  • Select the Customer Type and Customer Sub-type that best represents you
  • Phone Number: Use this format xxx-xxx-xxxx
  • Email Address: This email address will be used to deliver your orders
  • Confirm Email Address: Re-enter the email address to confirm
  • Specify Your Preferred Username: You can select to use your email address or create a unique username

Choose your username format carefully as your username cannot be changed.

  • Use this Instead: Create a unique username (maximum 20 characters) if you do not wish to use an email address. Can use @, hyphen, underscore and period in the username but no other special characters, punctuation or spaces. This username should not match other account information such a phone number.
  • Confirm Username: Re-enter the username to confirm
  • Billing Address
  • Province/State
  • Country
  • Postal Code/Zip
Request Account 01

After completing your account information, click Next at the bottom of the page

The Review & Confirm page will then be displayed, where you can verify all the information you entered

If there is any information you would like to change, click BackĀ to return to the Account Information page

Once you are satisfied with the information shown, read the myLTSA Explorer Customer Agreement and click the checkbox to confirm your agreement

Click Request Account to submit your account request

Request Account 02

At this point your account request will be processed, which will lead to you being sent two emails. The first with your myLTSA Explorer account details and how to login and the second email contains your temporary password. The second email is delivered about 10 minutes after the first. If an email does not arrive in the same day, contact myLTSA Technical Support.

Request Account 03

If you do not use your myLTSA Explorer account for more than a year (i.e., if you do not login to your myLTSA Explorer account), your account will be inactivated. You will need to create a new myLTSA Explorer account if you wish to continue using the service.