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Submit Alterations as a Result of a Defect Notice by the Surveyor General

Last modified on November 23, 2019


In the review process of a plan by Surveyor General staff, it may be determined that alternations are required to be made to the plan before it can be filed in the Crown land registry.

A plan can be resubmitted as an alteration prior to confirmation of the plan.

Once a plan has been confirmed by the Surveyor General, any amendment to the plan will require that it be submitted as a new plan with a new plan number.

How to Submit a Plan Alteration to the Surveyor General

Submitting a plan alteration involves the following steps:

If the error was in the plan image itself, revise the electronic plan and create a new PDF image. See Create an Electronic Plan.

Complete a new copy of the Survey Plan Submission to Surveyor General form, using the same plan number and commission number as the original submission. See Submit a Plan for Filing in the Crown Land Registry.

Fill out Section 5, Alteration

Insert the new plan image into the Survey Plan Submission to Surveyor General form, and electronically sign the form

In order to submit an altered plan, you will need to search for your package (see LocatePackages) and go to the View Package page of your package

Click Add Files and browse for the amended plan, select it and click Open. Once the file uploaded, click Submit.

Monitor the submission to see if it is accepted by going to the View All Packages page. See View Packages.

For more information, see Submit Additional Information or a Plan Alteration to the Surveyor General.