Account Management

Administrators can manage users, transfer funds and download account statements.
Modify the information in the fields as necessary to update your organization's details.
Updating your deposit account when your banking information changes, rather than creating a new deposit account, will retain that history.
A myLTSA user's information and/or permissions can be modified by a User Administrator at any time.
myLTSA Enterprise provides a number of ways to fund a deposit account to pay for search and filing transactions.
Account statements that can be sorted by various criteria and are available in PDF or CSV formats.
User Administrators can reset the password for any users in their myLTSA Enterprise customer account. When a User’s account is locked, please contact myLTSA Technical Support.
All User Administrators can view the myLTSA Inbox for any user in their myLTSA Enterprise customer account.
Create users to assist with administrative tasks first and create Search and Filing Users after your customer account has been activated.
Each myLTSA Enterprise user must be assigned one or more of the following permissions.