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Prepare Supporting Documents

Last modified on April 07, 2024

An application to transmit ownership to a surviving joint tenant or to change a name on title must include legal documents confirming the requested change in the form of original certificates issued by the appropriate government authority or a statutory declaration explaining any discrepancies. The way you provide those supporting documents to LTSA depends on how your application is submitted

If submitting online

If you submit online using the BC Services Card app, you can scan original certificates and supporting documents and upload them as PDF files in your application. You are permitted to upload a maximum of 15 files with your application.

Follow these steps to create high quality scans.

1. Use a scanner or scanning app. If you do not have a scanner, we recommend installing the free Adobe Scan app on your mobile device. Do not photograph supporting documents.

Ensure each scanned document is:

a. A PDF file smaller than 2 MB
b. Readable with no blur, glare or dark areas
c. Complete with all information on the original document visible
d. One certificate or document per file. An English translation may be combined with a statutory declaration in the same file.
3. 3. If you are using a scanner, check the settings to ensure the scan’s dimensions are larger than 10cm x 15cm (4″x 6″) but no larger than 21.5cm x 35.5cm (8.5″ x 14″)

Each scanned file is checked for basic requirements when it is uploaded and then is also manually reviewed to ensure it is of satisfactory quality to be included in the land title register. Following these requirements will prevent delays in the processing of your application due to poor quality scans.

If submitting by mail or in person

Include original certificates and documents with the application. Do not enclose copies. Original certificates will be returned to you at your appointment or include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your mailed application and LTSA will send back your certificates