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Obtain a Digital Certificate from Juricert

Last modified on December 09, 2020

Before you can electronically sign electronic forms, you must apply for a digital certificate from Juricert.

When your application is approved, Juricert will send you an email containing a link to your new digital certificate. Anyone in your company who signs electronic forms will need their own digital certificate.

There are two parts to obtaining a digital certificate: 

Part 1: Applying for a Digital Certificate from Juricert

Step 1: Registration

The first step is to register with Juricert as an authenticated professional. You can do this by going to the Juricert website, clicking New Registrants and then following the below instructions. Within two business days you will receive a confirmation email if your registration is authenticated and accepted.

Go to the Juricert website

Click New Registrants

Click Continue

Choose the Registrant Category

If you choose Accountant (for Law Society Trust Reports Online), you will not receive a digital certificate for EFS.

In the Terms and Conditions screen, read Juricert's terms and conditions carefully. Click Accept if you agree.

In the Personal and Professional Information screen, fill in the information about yourself and your company

Click Continue

In the Personal and Professional Information Review screen, carefully review the information you provided. If you need to change anything, click Edit and make the changes.

Click Confirm when you are finished

Record your Juricert Identification Number

For security reasons, this will be your only chance to record this number. You will need your identification number to apply for any partner services or to complete your Trust Report Online. Because this number uniquely identifies you online, you should safeguard it against improper use by others.

When you see the Print Registration Form message, click Print Registration Form. The form will open in a second browser window.

Print the form, then sign it and have it witnessed. Fax the signed and witnessed form to Juricert. Within two business days, Juricert will review your application. If the application is approved, Juricert will send you an email containing instructions for requesting a digital certificate.

Click Continue when you are finished

Step 2: Certificate Request

The second step of the registration process with Juricert is to request a digital certificate. This can be done any time after Registration. Even if your registration has been confirmed, a certificate will not be issued until your registration has been approved, a process which normally takes a couple of days. If there is a need to obtain a certificate more quickly, you will have to phone Juricert and escalate the process.

During this process you are asked to provide an "initial password" for your certificate – you must remember what this is, treat it securely, do not share it with friends or assistants, because you are ultimately responsible for anything which appears with your electronic signature on it. Passwords are case sensitive so be careful with upper/lower case, and special characters other than numbers and letters.

Go to the Juricert website

Click Request/Renew Digital Certificate

Enter your last name and Juricert Identification Number

If you did not record the Juricert ID during the registration process go to Forgot My Juricert ID on the Juricert website and enter your last name and email address. Juricert will send you an email with a link to retrieve your ID. You will be asked a security question before your ID is sent.

Click Continue

On the Partner Selection Page, select The Land Title Electronic Filing System (EFS) by clicking on the radio button to the left of the logo

Click Continue

Agree to the Terms and Conditions

Enter your initial password (must be at least 8 characters long)

Click Register to register your request for a certificate – not to be confused with registering. This step just generates a request for a certificate to be created for you – an email will be sent to you with the link for you to obtain your certificate.

Certificates and initial passwords are not retained by Juricert for security reasons. If you forget your password, misplace your certificate, or do not pick up your certificate within the allotted seven day security window, your only option is to request a new certificate.

Part 2: Downloading Your Digital Certificate from Juricert

When Juricert approves your application, they will send an email containing an ID and instructions for downloading your digital certificate (Juricert-issued Adobe Certificate). Technically, this is an X.509 digital certificate packaged up as a "yourname-serialnumber.pfx file".

As set out in the Land Title EFS terms and conditions, if you fail to complete the following procedure within seven days after receipt of the email notice, you will not be able to download the certificate and you will have to apply for another certificate from Juricert. To reapply, navigate to Juricert's website and select Request or Renew Digital Certificate.

The following two-step procedure will allow you to download and install your certificate.

Step 1: Downloading and Saving your Certificate to your Computer

Click the link in the email

Enter your download code and password. Your download code is eight digits (xxxx-xxxx) and your password is the one you entered when you requested the certificate.

Select Click here to start the download

In the File Download box, click Save

Save the downloaded file in a folder you will remember in the future. As you are responsible for maintaining the security of your certificate and for preventing any unauthorized use, we strongly recommend that it be accessible only by you to prevent anyone other than you from gaining access to your certificate and using your signature. For security reasons, Juricert does not retain your certificate more than seven days after this notice is sent to you.

If you need assistance downloading your certificate, please contact Juricert Support at 604-605-5307. See Digital Certificate Management for further instruction, such as how to install a digital certificate.

Step 2: Installing the certificate in Adobe Acrobat

To install your certificate, click the here for instructions.