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Manage Inbox Items

Last modified on May 09, 2016

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Using the myLTSA Inbox

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There are a number of ways to manage your Inbox items.

All items ordered through myLTSA are always delivered to your myLTSA Inbox and will be sent to specified email addresses if you have chosen to set up automatic forwarding.

Access the myLTSA Inbox

From any page of myLTSA, click the Inbox link located in the bar at the top of the page

The myLTSA Inbox will open in a new browser window or tab depending on your browser settings

To return to the LTSA's Electronic Service, close or minimize the myLTSA Inbox and return to your original broswer window. Or click the myLTSA logo to return to the welcome page.

Open myLTSA Inbox Items

From any tab in the myLTSA Inbox, click a link in the Subject column to go directly to the Inbox item

The item will open in the same browser window

After viewing the item, click Back to Inbox to return to the myLTSA Inbox page

Retrieve myLTSA Inbox Items

Every time the myLTSA Inbox is opened, it checks for new items and restores your myLTSA Inbox to its default view which is the All tab viewing My Items only.

If you want to manually trigger the Inbox to check for new items, click Refresh Inbox

Refresh Inbox link

New Inbox items will appear in the item list in bold. Priority items will be bold and red.

Forward myLTSA Inbox Items

From any tab in the Inbox, select the Inbox items to be forwarded and click Forward Selected

From the Forward Items dialog, enter one or more email addresses to which you want to forward the items. The email address will turn from red to white when the email address entered has a valid format.

Optionally, you can enter a short message to accompany the forwarded item

Click Forward to send the item. Click Cancel on the Forward Items dialog to cancel the forwarding.

Forward Inbox item

Each item will be sent as a separate item to the email(s) indicated

You can forward a deleted item from the My Deleted Items tab without undeleting it.

Delete myLTSA Inbox Items

You can only delete your own items. Your My Deleted Items tab only contains your own items. When you are viewing Inbox items from others in your organization, you cannot delete those items or affect their read/unread status.

From All, Searches & Document Requests or Submissions tab, select one or more Inbox items to be deleted

Click Delete Selected

From the Delete Confirmation dialog box, click Yes to delete the items or click No to cancel the deletion

Restore myLTSA Inbox Items

There is no way to permanently delete an Inbox item until the retention period has expired. If you manually delete an item, it will be retained in the My Deleted Items tab until the retention period expires. A deleted item that has not expired can be restored.

From the My Deleted Items tab, select one or more Inbox items to be restored. The Inbox items contained in your My Deleted Items tab are your items only.

Click Undelete Selected

Your Inbox item will return to the All tab and Searches & Document Requests or Submissions tab depending on the item type. The item will stay in your Inbox for the duration of its retention period unless you delete it again.