Each Inbox item type delivered to the myLTSA Inbox has a different retention period.

The retention period begins when the item has been delivered to your myLTSA Inbox. The item is removed from your Inbox once the retention period has expired.

If you have manually deleted an item, it can be restored from the My Deleted Items tab during the retention period. The retention period of an item does not change if the item has been viewed. See Manage Inbox Items.

Retention PeriodInbox Item Type
7 daysDocument Orders, Plan Orders, Scan Cancellation Advisory (Scan Request Cancellation), Scan Completion Advisory (LT Scan Request Fulfillment), Scan Deferred Advisory (Scan Request Hold), Title Searches, Common Property Records, Parcel Information and Miscellaneous Notes, Search Results, Tax Certificates, State of Title Certificates
15 daysAcceptance Notice, Notice of Receipt, Notice of Registration, Package Change Advisory, Package Deletion Advisory, Package Error Advisory, Plan Number Assignment, Plan Number Report, Plan Registration Advisory
30 daysCancellation Notice, Correction Advisory, Notice Declining to Register (Defect Notice), Denial Notice, Parcel Activity Notifer Notifications, Surveyor General Notices, Withdrawal Notice, Scan Completion Advisory (SG Scan Request Fulfillment)

All electronic filing notifications are retained on the View All Notifications page and your packages' View Notifications page for 90 days.