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Last modified on March 07, 2024

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Reporting is required quarterly (or annually) for all Assignments from the previous reporting period. You can file a report and view previously filed reports.

Reports must be filed quarterly, until after the final strata plan is deposited with the Land Title Office. The reporting stage moves to subsequent at that time and filing will be done every January once the reporting stage becomes annual.

  • Q1 is open for filing on April 1st - 30th.
  • Q2 is open for filing on July 1st - 30th.
  • Q3 is open for filing on October 1st - 30th.
  • Q4 is open for filing on January 1st - 30th.
  • Annual reporting is open for filing on January 1st - 30th.

You must add your Development as soon as the disclosure statement has been filed with the BCFSA (BC Financial Services Authority). The date that the Development is created in the Assignment Register will determine when the first filing window will be available. If you add a Development while the filing window is open, you will not be able to file an assignment report until the next filing window because the reporting period has changed.  The window for filing a report is 30 days after the end of the reporting period.

To print the Assignment report, use the web browser print function. For Windows users, press CTRL + P. After the Assignment report has been filed, personal information will be redacted and not visible in the print job.

File a report at the View Developments page

From the Developments page, the Assignment Info state must be Complete. Click the Action drop down, click File Report 

Assignments must be complete and accurate for each development you will be filing reports for.

File a report at the View Assignments page

From the Assignments page, the Assignment Info state must be Complete for all Assignments. Click on the Development name, click on File Report.

If you attempt to file with incomplete Assignment details, you will get an error

There are 3 steps to complete the Assignment report filing:

Review Assignments and Fees

Select Development Status and Declaration

  • Has the final strata plan been deposited with the Land Title Office? Once the Strata plan has been deposited with the Land Title Office, the Strata development stage changes to Deposit. If you select Yes, you will need to provide the date it was deposited.
  • Is this the final report? If there are no further assignments possible the development is now complete.


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View previously filed reports

Previously filed reports are at the bottom of the View Assignments page

Click this radio button to filter only Previously filed reports.

Click View Filed Report.

Your filed report will now display.

Once a report has been filed, personal data is redacted and information cannot be modified.