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Who should be the Account Initiator?

Last modified on December 20, 2019

Anyone you choose in your organization can act as the Account Initiator for your myLTSA Enterprise customer account.

The Account Initiator requests your unique myLTSA Enterprise customer account using the online myLTSA Enterprise account request form. By acting as the Account Initiator, this person must also agree to the myLTSA Enterprise Customer Agreement as a part of the request account process.

The Account Initiator will be automatically assigned both myLTSA account administrator roles: User Administrator and Financial Administrator. This person will be the first to access the customer account and create users (using User Administrator permissions), and be authorized to create deposit accounts and transfer funds (using Financial Administrator permissions). The Initiator can change their roles and assign or share administrative tasks with another user.

The Account Initiator will also be assigned initially as the primary contact for your myLTSA Enterprise customer account. This assignment can be changed once your customer account has been created and a user account created for the person designated to be the primary contact. This person must have logged in at myLTSA at least once to be assigned as the primary contact.