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When will I receive pre- and post-searches for my package?

Last modified on May 03, 2016

Title Search on a Package allows you to conveniently conduct an immediate search and post-search on a package. The system scans all of the documents in a package and identifies any parcel identifiers (PIDs).

Search now title requests are conducted immediately and are available for viewing and are sent to your myLTSA Inbox and email, if you have set up forwarding options, as soon as the order is placed.

Post-search titles are delivered one hour after you have submitted your package unless you have specified a later time. Once the time period specified has passed for a post-search, the Issue Time column will display the specified time and the titles ordered are available. Issue timing cannot be changed from the original order.

Post-searches must be requested prior to submitting your package. The Search now functionality may be used prior to your package submission or any time after the package has been submitted and received. Immediate title searches cannot be cancelled.