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What can I order via Scan on Demand from Surveyor General?

Last modified on November 30, 2020

Scan on Demand from Surveyor General allows you to request images of official plans, Crown grants, field books and other records filed in the Surveyor General's vault.

To request a Scan on Demand from Surveyor General:

After submitting a Scan on Demand request to the Surveyor General, staff will identify and locate all items that require imaging and you will be provided a quote to your myLTSA Inbox that quote will show the records to be provided and the associated cost. Review the quote and select Purchase for the order within the View Order Status page to proceed. The scanned images are then delivered to your myLTSA Inbox or email, according to your service delivery options, and your myLTSA account is debited accordingly.

Alternately, if you wish to make changes to the information shown on your quote, you may contact Surveyor General staff using the contact information provided in the quote. They will then update and deliver a new quote to your myLTSA Inbox, for approval by you.

Quotes for a Scan on Demand request from the Survey General will typically be delivered within one business day. However, complex requests involving research may take longer to complete. Scan on Demand from Surveyor General orders are billed upon delivery of the image(s).

Orders may not be fulfilled where the physical size or condition or the fine details of the source document cannot be accommodated by LTSA scanners. In addition, some records ordered via Scan on Demand from Surveyor General, such as colour Official Plans or multi-page field books, can create large-size files that may be blocked by some email systems.