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Web Filing

Web Filing is the next generation of the LTSA’s secure and reliable electronic filing system. Professional, business and government customers are authorized with the required certification to electronically file applications to the LTSA through web forms.

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How to Install a Digital Certificate

Web Filing Introduction

myLTSA Web Filing Submissions

Web Filing Template Tutorial

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Create Web Filing Package

Learn about creating a web filing package for the Land Title Office or Surveyor General and completing a web filing form

E-Signing Web Filing Forms

E-signing web filing forms entail separate processes for Lawyers, Notaries, Land Surveyors and Legal Support Staff

Manage Web Filing Package

Learn to co-manage Web Filing and Electronic Filing System Packages submitted to the Land Title Office and Surveyor General

Web Filing Package Submission

Web filing form package submission processes for Legal Practitioners, Land Surveyors and Legal Support Staff

Corrective Declaration Web Filing Form

Process to create a Corrective Declaration web filing form

Property Transfer Tax Webform

To pay Property Transfer Tax in Web Filing, you must complete and file a Property Transfer Tax Webform