Electronic Filing

Professional, business and government customers are authorized with the required certification to electronically file applications to the LTSA through EFS.
After you have filled in and saved your land title documents, you can use EFS to submit the documents in a package to the land title office.
To pay Property Transfer Tax, you must complete and file a Property Transfer Tax form in EFS.
The Survey Plan Certification, with the image of the plan attached, is created by a BC land surveyor and sent by email to the lawyer or notary responsible for submitting the plan to the land title office or submitted by the BC land surveyor along with the plan application.
An Electronic Meet is a package to which multiple parties can contribute documents.
Your package and associated notifications are retained in myLTSA for 90 days after registration.
Notifications are sent to your myLTSA Inbox and email if forwarding options are set. They are stored with the package and on the View Notifications page.
The Surveyor General has authority to adjudicate applications under several statutes. These statutory applications may be submitted electronically to the Surveyor General as document packages through EFS.
A corrective declaration is a Declaration form that is submitted to correct or update information provided in an earlier submission to the land title office.
You can submit a request for a partial or complete withdrawal of an application to the land title office.
The Director of Land Titles, together with the Registrars of Land Titles, are responsible for maintaining the integrity, reliability, and security of BC's land title register as the official legal record of private property ownership in the province.

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