The myLTSA Enterprise agreements must be agreed to when requesting your myLTSA Enterprise customer account.

There are two agreements for myLTSA Enterprise customers:

The myLTSA Enterprise Preauthorized Debit Agreement must be agreed to by a myLTSA Financial Administrator when you create a deposit account and each time you approve a manual funds transfer and set or modify your automatic funds transfer parameters.

* Agreement Changes

As of August 16, 2016, version 1.4 of the myLTSA Enterprise Customer Agreement includes the following:

  • New terms and conditions as a result of expanding myLTSA services, including:
    • Expanding and clarifying customer obligations
    • Clarifying the LTSA's rights and obligations (including in relation to the access to services, suspension and cancellation of services and rights to change our Customer Agreements)
    • Expanding liability and indemnity provisions
  • Minor housekeeping amendments (right to terminate an account if it has not been used for six months, clarification of certain accounting terms)