These codes are used to indicate Miscellaneous Notes or Pending Applications associated with the parcel.

The codes that appear following the Miscellaneous Notes heading indicate:

  • MN: Miscellaneous Notes Yes or No
  • PE: A counter for the number of Pending Applications
  • SL: For the use of land title staff
  • TI: For the use of land title staff

A notation such as MISCELLANEOUS NOTES: DF 12345 PP indicates there is a miscellaneous filing associated with the parcel.

Miscellaneous Notes Abbreviations

ALRAgricultural Land Reserve Plans
BLBylaw Plans
CGCrown Grant
DFDocuments Filed
EPExplanatory Plans
LNLegal Notations
NOPNotice of Permit
PPPosting Plan
U E & RUndersurface Exceptions and Reservations
RPReference Plan
RWRight of Way Plan
SRWStatutory Right of Way Plan