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Codes for Miscellaneous Notes

Last modified on April 13, 2016

These codes are used to indicate Miscellaneous Notes or Pending Applications associated with the parcel.

The codes that appear following the Miscellaneous Notes heading indicate:

  • MN: Miscellaneous Notes Yes or No
  • PE: A counter for the number of Pending Applications
  • SL: For the use of land title staff
  • TI: For the use of land title staff

A notation such as MISCELLANEOUS NOTES: DF 12345 PP indicates there is a miscellaneous filing associated with the parcel.

Miscellaneous Notes Abbreviations

Abbreviation Description
ALR Agricultural Land Reserve Plans
BL Bylaw Plans
CG Crown Grant
DF Documents Filed
EP Explanatory Plans
GAZ Gazette
HWY Highway
LN Legal Notations
NOP Notice of Permit
NOT Notice
PL Plan
PP Posting Plan
U E & R Undersurface Exceptions and Reservations
RD Road
RP Reference Plan
RW Right of Way Plan
SRW Statutory Right of Way Plan