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Choose a Funding Method

Last modified on April 26, 2016

myLTSA Enterprise provides a number of ways to fund a deposit account to pay for search and filing transactions.

These methods electronically transfer funds from your financial institution to your myLTSA deposit account as required. You may choose to use one or a combination of transfer methods to ensure your deposit account is always adequately funded.

If the signing authority on the bank account used to fund your deposit account is not a regular myLTSA user, you may wish to set up Automatic Funds Transfer parameters. Once approved, your deposit account will continue to be automatically funded whenever it reaches the Transfer Trigger Threshold to the level determined by your parameters.

Using automatic and/or manual funds transfers have advantages to using the bill payment method such as:

  • Avoid interruption of service that would occur if your deposit account has insufficient funds to transact
  • Avoid the customary banking delay to process a funds transfer that occurs using the bill payment option
  • Modify your parameters at your convenience based on your organization's needs
  • Have funds available quickly in the event of an unexpected, large transaction
  • Maintain a single or dual approvals process