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Bill Payment

Last modified on April 12, 2016

You can fund your myLTSA deposit account using an online bill payment service at your financial institution.

To use the bill payment option:

If you use bill payment to transfer funds into your myLTSA deposit account, there may be a 2 to 5 day delay for the funds transfer to be processed by your financial institution. If you require immediate access to funds, manual or automatic funds transfer methods immediately allow the approved funds transfers to be available for use and are not subject to a processing delay.

Add the "LTSA" as a payee on your bank account

Enter the unique myLTSA deposit account number (15 characters) that was assigned to your deposit account when it was created. You can find this number on the Deposit Account page.

Online banking websites differ; if "LTSA"  cannot be found on the list of available payees you may try to search by the "Land Title" keywords. Please consult your financial institution's instructions to set up online bill payments.