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Account Set Up

Once your myLTSA Enterprise account has been requested, your account administrator will need to activate your deposit account and create users.

Request Account

Once you have requested your account, please allow 3 to 5 days for account set-up and financial approvals.

Customer Agreements

The myLTSA Enterprise agreements must be agreed to when requesting your myLTSA Enterprise customer account.

System Requirements

View the web browsers and operating systems myLTSA Enterprise is tested and known to be compatible with.

Choose a Funding Method

There are a number of ways to fund a deposit account to pay for search and filing transactions.

Activate Your Customer Account

You must activate your myLTSA Enterprise account before you can start searching and filing.

Add Users

Create users to assist with administrative tasks first and create Search and Filing Users after your customer account has been activated.

User Permissions and Roles

Each myLTSA Enterprise user must be assigned one or more of the following permissions.