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My account is set-up and I am ready to transact. How do I access the LTSA’s Search and Filing Services?

Last modified on June 15, 2016

You likely need to add the Search and Filing User permission to your user account. If you were the Account Initiator or the person who requested your myLTSA Enterprise account, you were provided with User Administrator and Financial Administrator permissions by default in order to set up your account. If you also transact, you will need to manually add the Search and Filing User permission to your user account in order to access the LTSA's Search and Filing Services.

Your deposit account must be activated before you can transact. See Activate your Customer Account.

If you have completed the set-up of your myLTSA Enterprise account, your deposit account is activated and you are ready to transact but can't access the LTSA's Search and Filing services, here's what to do:

From Account Management, navigate to the Users tab

Click the hyperlink corresponding to your name in the user list to open your user account information

Scroll down the page to Select All Permissions That Apply and select Search and Filing User. Assign a deposit account.

If there is only one deposit account, it will default to that deposit account.

Click Update User to complete

A confirmation message will be displayed on the next page, and you will also receive an email notifiying you of this change

Click Logout in the navigation bar at the top of page. Navigate to the myLTSA login page and enter your myLTSA Enterprise username and password to login.

You will need to log out and log back in to myLTSA Enterprise for any changes to your permissions to take effect.

When you login again, you will have Search and Filing user permission, and you may notice a few other changes

  • Your new landing page is the welcome page for the LTSA's Electronic Services
  • The bar accessible from any page in myLTSA Enterprise has two new links:
    • Inbox links to the myLTSA Inbox. All notifications and orders generated by transacting using the LTSA's Electronic Services are sent to your myLTSA Inbox. Alerts from myLTSA Account Management related to funds transfer approvals and other account information will continue to be sent to your email.
    • Account Management links to the Account Management landing page where you can navigate to Organization Details, Users, Deposit Accounts and Statements
  • You can also view the available balance of your deposit account and request a funds transfer
Available Balance

Clicking the Request Funds Transfer link sends a request to the Financial Administrator who manages your deposit account to transfer the requested amount. It initiates an email. The funds can be approved or denied by the Financial Administrator. No funds are transferred until all required approvals are submitted.