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I am having trouble downloading my order. How can I access it?

Last modified on July 11, 2016

Orders can be downloaded from both the order confirmation email and the Order History page within 7 days of its purchase date.

If you are having difficulty downloading your order:

  • Login to myLTSA Explorer. Until you are logged in, you will not be able to retrieve your order from the link provided in the order confirmation email.
  • Ensure your order has an Available status
    • If the status of the order is Processing the item is not available for download yet. Wait a few minutes until the item's status changes to Available. You will need to refresh the page to see a change to the item's status.
    • If the item has the status Expired, you will need to reorder the item as it was purchased more than 7 days ago and is no longer available for download
  • Go to the Order History page and try downloading the item there if you are having difficulty from the order confirmation email
  • Check that you have Adobe Reader installed as items are delivered in PDF format. You will require the free Adobe Reader program to view a title, State of Title Certificate or plan image. Download the program.
  • State of Title Certificates can be accessed for 1 year from issue date using the State of Title Certificate Access Service. This service requires you to know the State of Title Certificate number and access code, which is contained on the State of Title Certificate, in order to access the certificate copy.

The LTSA will not be able to provide the State of Title Certificate number and access code to you if you have not retained the State of Title Certificate.

If you continue to have issues, please contact myLTSA Technical Support.