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How does the land title office treat applications requiring preliminary inspection that are submitted as Deferred?

Last modified on July 22, 2021

Applications requiring preliminary inspection, Caveats, Certificates of Pending Litigation, Injunctions, Securities Act Charges, Provisional Title Applications, Property Freezing Orders, Expropriations and any accompanying plans or documents in the same package, filed where the submitter has selected Immediate or the option that the application(s) be treated as Deferred will receive an information message stating that the document package requires preliminary inspection.

Package Submission Confirmation Message

The package status will change to Queued for Review when submitted on Immediate or at 6:10 AM on the deferred date. Immediate orĀ Deferred applications will receive preliminary inspection during the regular Land Title Office business day. Applications submitted outside of normal business hours or on weekends will receive preliminary inspection on the next business day.

Package - Queued for Review Status