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Troubleshooting Tips

Last modified on December 21, 2020

Here are some general tips when completing an Identity Verification request:

  • Take photos in a well-lit room
  • Place the ID on a plain, preferably dark, background
  • Ensure your fingers are not obscuring the ID
  • Hold your device over the ID at a distance where your ID is completely inside the camera screen
  • Make sure that the image isn’t blurry or has glare
  • Scan your original (not photocopied), undamaged ID
  • Check that the image of your ID clearly shows your identification or registration number
  • If your ID has two sides, scan of each side
  • For passports, ensure that the bio page is the only page in view. The bio page has your name, passport number and photo.
  • Try to not to shake the device when you are taking the image of the ID.
  • You may need to provide permission for the Identity Verification app to access your camera and may need to refresh the app after granting the camera permission

Possible Verification Issues

Scanning the ID by holding it in your hand or placing it on a newspaper, magazine, keyboard, countertop or on your thigh may result in a failed verification.

Any key elements that are obstructed such as barcodes or text may result in a failed verification.

Physical damage on the ID may result in a failed verification.

Glare on the image may result in a failed verification.

Misaligned edges of the ID or passport bio page may result in a failed verification.

Images that are too blurry or skewed may not be verified. Images should not be skewed / angled within the picture.