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Sending an Identity Verification Request

Last modified on March 03, 2021

Identity Verification is an online service designed to support a thorough Know Your Client (KYC) practice and be used to confirm your client’s identity when remote witnessing or when physical distancing is necessary.

Mitigate your risk and protect the safety of your clients and staff

Identity Verification is an effective tool when working with out-of-town clients as well as local clients in these times of physical distancing.

The process is simple and fast:

  • In advance of your meeting, send your client an Identity Verification request via myLTSA Enterprise.
  • You can request your client submits one or two government-issued identification.
  • Within minutes your client receives the request and is given guided prompts to scan their identification and take a selfie.
  • Your client’s identity is confirmed against a network of verification services that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.
  • A report is then delivered to the myLTSA inbox with a Pass/Fail grade on five critical verification checks. It is available for download for 7 days.

Sending an Identity Verification request

From the Identity Verification dashboard, click Create New Identity Verification.

Create New Identity Verification

Enter a file reference of up to 15 characters.

Select one or two government-issued photo identification to be scanned by your client for the Identity Verification check.

Optionally, enter an email address to receive a notification that your client has completed the request. This notification informs you that the Identity Verification report has been delivered to the myLTSA Inbox and is ready to be downloaded. The report will be retained for 7 days.

Enter your client’s email address.

Re-enter your client’s email address. The emails must match to continue.

Optionally, enter a note that will be sent in the email to your client. You could indicate when you need the verification completed by, or what is your preferred government-issued ID type to be verified.

If there is more than one person related to the matter, you can add multiple clients to the same request. Click Add Additional Client and enter that client’s email address.

a. We recommend that each client use a different email address to help you and your client distinguish the requests.

Continue adding clients as required.

Once all clients have been added, click Continue to Confirm Request to go to the next page.

Continue to Confirm Request

Confirm your client’s email address and any notes you wrote to the client.

a. If there are errors, click Edit to return to the Create an Identity Document Verification Request page and correct the information.

Review the fees.

a. You will be charged per identification that is checked. The fees are processed after your client completes the Identity Verification request. There is no charge for an incomplete request.

If you agree to our service provider’s Terms and Conditions and confirm that you have notified your client and they have provided permission to receive an Identity Verification request, click Complete Request.

Complete Request

Identity Verification requests are sent by email to each of the clients specified.

a. Please allow up to 15 minutes for delivery of the email to your client.
b. Your client will have 24 hours to complete the Identity Verification request before the link expires.
c. If your client reports that the link has expired, you can resend the request by clicking the Resend link on the Dashboard.
d. If your client didn’t receive the request, they should check their spam folder.

Once your client completes the Identity Verification request, a report will be delivered to the myLTSA Inbox with a 7-day retention period.

a. Each client will be issued a separate report even if they were included on the same request.
b. Enter an email address when you make the request to receive a notification that the report has been delivered to the myLTSA Inbox.
c. Please retrieve the Identity Verification report within 7 days.
d. After 7 days, the report is deleted from myLTSA, and you will need to redo the request to access the Identity Verification report for your client. We are unable to process refunds for clients who do not retrieve the report within the retention period.

You can access Drafted, Pending, Waiting and Completed requests on the Identity Verification dashboard.

  • Drafted requests have not been sent to your client.
  • Pending requests are waiting for your client to complete the Identity Verification.
  • Waiting requests have been completed by your client and the verification process is in process.
  • Completed requests have been billed to your account. You can click the icon next to the Completed status to download the Identity Verification report from your myLTSA inbox.