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Identity Verification Reports

Last modified on December 21, 2020

Identity Verification conducts a series of checks between a live photo and the photo on a government-issued identification.

The following checks are conducted:

Security Feature Check: Checks that the security features defined for each identity document, such as holograms and bar codes, are authentic.

Tampering Check: Checks for proof of digital tampering on the identity document. Detects the use of photo editing software to tamper with human and machine-readable data in the document.

Document Type Check: Checks that the submitted document type matches the classified document type.

Document Country Check: Checks that the submitted document country matches the classified document country.

Live Photo Cross Check: Compares the Live Photo (selfie) of the individual with the photo in the submitted document.

In some situations, verification checks may fail if the photo or ID scan is of poor quality, key information is missing or the identification that is being scanned has physical damage. Please review Common Issues that May Cause a Verification to Fail. We offer these troubleshooting tips for your clients when completing an Identity Verification check.

The decision about client identity remains at all times with you as the legal professional, to be made in accordance with your professional standards and applicable laws. It is your responsibility as a legal professional to determine if the evidence you have been presented adequately meets the requirements to confirm your client’s identity.