Get Started Electronic Filing

Professional, business and government customers are authorized with the required certification to electronically file applications to the LTSA.
Learn about the practice and help information to consult as well as the technical and requirements to get started electronic filing.
Follow these basic scanning settings and tips.
Before you e-file, it is recommended that you set up folders on your computer system for various types of electronic forms and other relevant files.
Obtaining and installing a digital certificate from Juricert is a mandatory set when getting started to electronically file.
How to best manage your digital certificate once you have it installed.
Most transfers of land require the payment of property transfer tax (PTT) to the Ministry of Finance.
Before filling out any electronic form template, you must download and save a copy of each of the forms on your computer system.
Tips for completing forms, applying an electronic signature, locking forms, inserting pages and simplifying the entry of frequently used data.
The LTSA requires that all land surveyors establish their surveyor status in their myLTSA Enterprise account.