Submit a Package to the Surveyor General

The Surveyor General has authority to adjudicate applications under several statutes. These statutory applications may be submitted electronically to the Surveyor General as document packages through EFS.
Instructions for how to submit a package to the Surveyor General.
The Survey Plan Submission to Surveyor General form is used to submit all plans prepared pursuant to the Land Act, the Mineral Tenure Act and the Coal Act and well site plans prepared pursuant to Oil and Gas Activities Act to the Surveyor General for filing into the Surveyor General's vault and the Crown land registry.
One of eight electronic form templates can be used to submit information to the Surveyor General for processing of applications and where pertinent, the associated plans.
In the review process at the Surveyor General's office, it may be determined that additional information is required in support of your application or that a plan requires alteration.
This is a list of all of the statuses a package to the Surveyor General may receive.