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How can I use the service to reduce fraud risk?

Last modified on March 03, 2021

Identity Verification is an online service designed to support a thorough Know Your Client (KYC) practice. Identity Verification quickly confirms the identity of your client and provides confidence that you’re catching forged, expired and stolen IDs before they can be used to commit fraud.

Identity Verification now supports checking two government-issued photo identification. Conducting client identity checks using two government-issued identification supports basic FINTRAC compliance requirements followed by most legal professionals in BC.

The process is simple and fast for you and your client:

  • In advance of meeting, send your client an Identity Verification request via myLTSA Enterprise.
  • Within minutes your client receives the request and follows the guided prompts to scan their ID and take a selfie.
  • A series of checks are then conducted, and an Identity Verification report is delivered to the myLTSA Inbox within 15 minutes.